Your story is

at the heart of everything we do.


The Narrative studio works with global brands to give their story purpose.



Before we start designing your brand we have to understand your story.  We start by researching your past, your present and your market and once we understand that we can start to build your identity.



We’re tactile designers and take time for painting and sticking before we go digital. We create mood boards, samples, swatches and critique sessions.  We know that by debating these and working with our clients we build a stronger brand.



Once we have clear direction we will start to craft your branding and build your palette. We consider multiple factors in this process:


  • How does the logo look in print and digital?
  • How does the logo re-act when it’s big and small?
  • Is the iconography strong enough alone or when used as an avatar online?
  • How well do the elements reproduce on glass, paper, wood or on screen?


The same process is applied to typography.  Your typography forms part of your voice, your tone and more importantly your message.  Consistency is key, wherever it’s applied.  So it has to work in all applications; on paper and on screen.


And so…your story is revealed

Once we have all these assets it’s time to apply them to your brand story, which we have been crafting and shaping throughout the whole process.  Our creative writers ensure your story is told fluently, creatively to pull all design strands together.




' Working with the Narrative was an exciting experience. There professionalism and eye for detail is second to none.

Can't wait to design the next Heidrun bar with this magical design team.'


Dan O'Sullivan, Heidrun & Queens Head Restaurants

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