Graphic Design

Your story needs to resonate, whether you are there to tell it or your audience is alone.


So whatever vehicle is used to tell your story, the graphics and messaging has to reflect the quality of your brand and tell your story clearly.


To help you sell your story and brand The Narrative designs packaging, stationery, books, magazines, presentations, bottles, menus and an array of other essential tools.



At The Narrative, we spend time exploring your product. We look at how and where your consumers are going to interact with it and what other stories are clambering for
their attention.


Then we start with extensive research before moving to developing mock-ups in our studio.
We do this for several reasons…


  • To simply see how our ideas work as a tangible product
  • To give you a chance to see and get involved in the development process


At this stage, we tackle all the big questions:

  • Does my brand message come across?
  • Does it have strong brand appeal?
  • Do the materials help elevate my brand?
  • How well will my product ship?
  • Is it the right size?


Some of these questions seem trivial, but they’re all essential. Your products, packaging and collateral, need to be able to tell your story when you are not there. Something that seems small, like the tangible quality of what paper stock you use, can be the deciding factor between bought and left on the shelf.


Living the dream

Over the past 14 years The Narrative has developed a great network of printers, 3D image makers, developers, manufactures and even paper mills to help us realise your dream and ensure the highest level of quality for whatever product we create together.


' A hired venue – two floors of white-washed concrete walls & a need to convey our identity within an overwhelming blank canvas.


Enter The Narrative – sourcing show partners, unique vintage furniture & providing key services all enhancing our brand profile.


Delivering to budget & tight timescales with an unquestionable attention to detail, creativity & enthusiasm. '


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