Our core activity is thinking, conceptualising and giving clarity, vision and real value to your brand proposition... or as we like to describe it  a ‘narrative’.


We are passionate about communication and this passion comes from confidence & experience.

We know how to cut through the noise and create a clear arena for your story.


The right story creates impact... Uniting your audience with your core values.


The right story presents facts... The building blocks of solidarity and loyalty.


The right story communicates emotion... And so generates affection for your products & services.




















At The Narrative we initiate your story-line through detailed investigations.

Primarily, we spend time talking with you and asking questions to ascertain the myths and sub-text surrounding your brand. Through reading, listening and observation we achieve an in-depth knowledge of your particular market.

By consumer research, we talk to other people, from fans to rivals, in focus groups and forums. Research reveals attitudes to your story and ensures positive product development and optimal positioning.




Small and apparently unimportant details - known by you - are not always known by your audience.

We are experienced in selecting the most relevant details to fully support, explain and enhance
your narrative.




Creating a masterpiece involves pressing all the sensory buttons of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Thus, The Narrative breathes life into your brand and heightens awareness of its message.

We conceive each brand as an original art work, applying discipline to chisel a strong story-line
and keep it on target.

We highlight optimum points and accurately define perspective. The end product is unparalleled branding, that carries clear cut significance for you and your clients.




A great story becomes part of a culture…

Just like a strong brand, our inspirational designs arouse curiosity and ignites desire.

Naming and identity rollouts are the covers of your book and it’s our creative mission to ensure you get noticed for all the right reasons.

“Storytelling has existed as long as humanity has had language.

Stories are shared in every land to motivate, educate, inform, to instill moral values and to entertain.

Stories are the cornerstone of cultural identity. Their messages have been carved, scratched, painted, printed, broadcasted, filmed and computerised.

Compelling stories have a far-reaching emotional impact.

We at The Narrative, in the 21st century, still carry a torch for straightforward, effective communication between your customers, you and us. ”

      Mark Wilkie - Director

' I have worked with the Narrative for over five years now; not only has it been fun, but the results are outstanding. Their concepts are brilliant, creative & excellently executed. '


Philip Inzani, Polo Bar

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